Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun things...

I haven't posted in a week or two and thought that I would add some things that Shawn and I have been able to do in the past couple of weeks. We have had some time to enjoy each others company and I wanted to post some things that we have done and taken some pics of... I love being married and right now I love that things are carefree and we don't have a bajillion things that ties us down to one spot... we can kind of pick up and leave when we want to. Its wonderful. We have gone to a Braves game with our niece and nephew and we went to Stone Mountain to watch the laser show while Shawn was working and it was way fun.

The Braves game we were blessed to get amazing tickets for free and then while walking around a family of four had gotten tuckered out and we were given even better seats behind the dugout about 10 rows back... we had a blast.

We enjoyed going to the game and had so much fun with T and Britney.

This was our location after the family of four gave us their high priced tickets and the kids finally could really see the players which made the game much more interesting for them.

This is one of the pics from going to Stone Mountain Park... If you have ever seen Stomp the Yard there is a seen with the Generals in the Mountain... the date on the pic was wrong and I couldnt figure out how to change it so I promise it was this year.

Anyway we are keeping busy and are going to go to Stone Mountain Park tomorrow with some friends from church and I am definitely taking more pictures soon. We are having fun... and I love my little married life.

I am going to be posting some pics of the changes that we are making at the house... I got a little wallpaper pulling happy and started tearing it down... slowly but surely we will be getting things done... I cant wait for this house to start looking better and fixed up. We try to get it all done one room at a time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bum Back

So I was in bed waking up late on Saturday... and all of sudden I had this back spasm, like a charlie horse in the center of my back. Sunday it happened again and I just thought that I was weird... then I woke up on Monday and once again I was having these spasms except they were 600 times worse and more frequent. So I then called out of work to schedule an apointment with the doctor and she said that i cant go back to work until thursday... so its been me at home with no tv that works watching redbox movies on really powerful drugs. really powerful drugs. so if you want to give me call it would be really funny for you. home til thursday

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I know that a blog is like a public journal for everybody. One that everyone can click and meander around and read in order to find out what is going on in your life... I have been an avid journaler since I was oh goodness 10 years old... I dont know where they all are. They might be in a box or in my old room or packed away in Utah in my storage space that I still have there... yes I know it has been almost 2 years since I left... but I know what is in there so it isnt a waste of money... anyway back to journals... I wish that my mom and my grandparents had one or five... I wish I could read their thoughts on married life and what its like to have kids... I have had some serious life changes and even though I have the journals that talk about my dating life in high school and my I hate life days... I started one off for my kids... or my grandkids... I decided that I want them to know what I have learned so far in my measly twenty-three years on this earth. I want them to know how I met Shawn and the feelings and impressions I felt along that path... the most incredible thing about it is that I didnt want to stop writing... I want to tell this story as it happens while it is fresh... I want to go to my Grandmothers and my Grandfathers and find out their stories about love while they all are here... and write down the way they felt... I wrote in my journal to say the things that I couldnt say out loud and now well I am fine saying them because whenever I hear others stories they warm my heart and I just wish that I could just pick them up at anytime so I can feel that way over and over again... Maybe I am being corny but its just the way I feel. So if you call me and I don't pick up... I am probably busy with this new old hobby I have... you should try it.