Thursday, October 9, 2008

My journey now.

Currently I am working as a Nanny... I know I am a regular Mary Poppins pulling all sorts of things out of my bag. I just wanted to update everyone who had been asking. I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers. I am loving the flexibility it is offering us and well the money is nice too. I decided that I didn't want to go back into banking right now even though the opportunity has presented itself. So I am taking care of a wonderful boy named Kale he is 9 months old about to be 10 months and well its really nice because I get to cuddle, feed, put down for nap, play, and love on this baby then I get to hand him to his mom when it is time for me to leave. Although, I really think that being a Mom will be the most amazing thing I ever do with my life but I appreciate the freedom that I have right now. So YaY for the job and well I am so grateful that it is working out so well.

On a different note I was talking to my VT companion(who has become a motherlike-figure for me here in good ole Snelltown) and we were talking about the past couple of months and the difficulties that have happened for Shawn and I and she really put things in perspective for me. She said that marriage the first year is difficult in an ideal situation but then you add job loss and moving from your family and that those are difficult trials for people who have been married for 20 years. When she said that it just made me grateful. I am grateful that I haven't fallen apart in spite of the accusations that flew concerning my old job and that I just gave what was to happen to the Lord. It just makes me grateful to know that I have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who care about me... Grateful for this Gospel that just lifts people up and gives hope for what is to come and for the constant support and sustaining you can receive just by prayer and scriptures. Grateful for my husband who I can lean on and who can make me see the humor in all situations and that he just works so hard for us and our future and that I can be with him for eternity. I look forward to raising children with him. I am so blessed and its nice to be able to see it because I don't always see it because I choose to cry, "Woe is me". We had conference last weekend and I am grateful that President Monson told us to look at what is important and enjoy the journey now... and I plan to.