Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trials and Tribulation

Well things have certainly been interesting the past couple of weeks... I was at work and was balancing my drawer and was Two thousand dollars short and well that is just not a good thing at all... I really thought that it would be an error in my work and that Proof would find the error and they haven't. I was in the drive thru by myself and because of that fact I was super careful in counting my money... and handing it out... THERE IS NO WAY THAT I GAVE SOMEONE 2000 DOLLARS without realizing it... so right now I am suspended just waiting for my termination review... When it rains it pours... I know that I didnt take the money nor did I hand it out so I am not sure what is next... but I am just praying that they find the money... So I am in the process of deciding to go back to school and finding a new job... I just hope that there is a really good reason for all of this... I sure am looking for it. So... if anyone reads this if you could just pray for Shawn and I... I am just grateful that I know that Heavenly Father loves me... and I know he will answer our prayers.