Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's the little things

I don't mind cleaning... not even a little bit... but I do hate how it seems to never end... one minute you have done all of you dirty clothes to only a few days later to have to do the chore over again... And when you get married you have to do more laundry faster... but I guess it all evens out. Sometimes I even manage to get Shawn to do it... without even having to ask. That makes me happy. Its the little things...
Do you other married people have moments where its like I LOVE MY HUSBAND/WIFE because they did stuff like put an extra coke in the fridge so its cold when you are running out the door to go to work? Or putting gas in your tank and then you get in the car so you have 5 extra minutes to do your makeup in the car cuz you dont have to stop at the gas station....Oh man I love it... its the little things and I find that I say that phrase a lot. I love it... making someone else happy is great:) What are some things that you have noticed?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

We're hitched!!! And it's really great thus far... We have been adjusting to married life by getting settled in the house and starting our jobs. We had no hiccups or anything on our wedding day... it really was just a beautiful and spirit filled day... I wish it could have lasted forever. We went on an amazing cruise to Cozumel Mexico and the Cayman Islands... and for my first cruise experience it was fantastic... the food was amazing... the scenery was amazing... it was amazing.
It took us a while to get situated into the house... so far we have dealt with no AC for about a week and I think that if it weren't for the fact that we are Newlyweds we could have had serious problems( Just kidding honey):) Shawn is working construction and becoming the tannest person I know. I am still white as snow. Shawn will also be working at Stone Mountain Park as a Ranger part-time... I am still working at the bank and like my new branch... everything is so different... its fun... We have some projects at the house that we are looking forward to doing... PAINTING... yay... I cant wait... but the house is coming along little by little... We are two peas in a pod happy to be together... yay for weddings and marriage and all that fun stuff.
Look forward to keeping everyone updated on our new little blog.