Sunday, December 13, 2009

This is Love...

Colton is 4 months old and he does all of these amazing things...

-Reaches for toys
-Smiles and Coos at everyone but especially his Mommy
-Can lift his head at a 90 degree angle when doing tummy time
-Loves when we sing to him especially Jingle Bells
-Loves to swing in his swing and play with Tigger(his lovie)
-Has recently found his thumb and likes to half suck and gnaw on it
-Goes to bed for 9-10 hrs each night usually with no problem
-HATES the carseat... no matter what I do-

This child makes my life so much fun... we talk and sing and I don't know if there is anyone in this world who lights up my life like he does. Don't be jealous Shawn... You know I love you. I am so blessed... I have a wonderful husband who makes it possible everyday to stay at home and see every sweet moment in Colton's life and he does it so willingly. I am grateful for and in love with my family... they make everything better.


Kate Bailey said...

He's so cute, Ashley! I'm glad you're loving him so much! :) And I'm glad he seems to be sleeping good at night! Is he getting to bed earlier, then? I hope you were able to find something that worked for you guys!

DaNae said...

I didn't even realize you lived in ATL. We are looking to live in tucker I think?? We have no idea about areas that are nice/inexpensive/chill style so any help is appreciated. Where do you live?