Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Should have named Colton Chewbacca:)

So right now Colton is in his swing talking away... and it cracks me up because he sounds like he walked out of a Star Wars movie. Apparently Shawn has some Chewbacca genes that I had no idea about!!

This Christmas season has been so much fun for me... I have never been more in the holiday spirit as I have this year and that is exciting. Who knew that Christmas was more fun when you have kids... Santa is-a-comin' this year to my house and I have never been more excited... SO.... Merry Christmas everybody:) Hope that the holidays are treating you well so far:)

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Kate Bailey said...

Isn't it funny how much fun the holidays are with kids, even when they don't even realize that it's almost Christmas?? :)